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Reinaldo Cunha

Legal Receptionist

Reinaldo's dynamic journey reflects adaptability and a commitment to personal growth. After high school in Brazil, he initially pursued law at Universidade de Serra dos Orgaos, Rio de Janeiro. However, he made a bold shift to the Oil and Gas industry before completing his law degree, dedicating nearly eight years as a Radio Operator across various countries. In 2017, Reinaldo started a new chapter in the United States, with managerial roles in retail and work as a Portuguese interpreter. This path eventually led him to Corbaci Law in 2022, driven to return to his original passion for the legal profession and a desire to assist others.

Within the Corbaci Law team, Reinaldo plays a pivotal role as the initial point of contact for the majority of clients visiting our Woburn office. He excels at creating a warm and inviting environment, ensuring that clients feel at ease before proceeding with their meetings. Reinaldo takes charge of onboarding all new clients and thereafter maintaining good communication between the clients and their legal team. He has also become quite appreciated for keeping our office well-stocked with snacks and decorating for the holidays!

Beyond his professional commitments, Reinaldo prioritizes spending quality time with his family as the cornerstone of his life. He derives immense joy from preparing delicious meals for his loved ones and embarking on exploratory adventures to new and exciting destinations together. Additionally, he shares his life with Coco, an energetic and beloved beagle he and his family adore.