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Celeste Frias


Celeste pursued six semesters in English Education at the Universidad Dominico Americano. Prior to that, she dedicated approximately ten years of her career as an administrative assistant at a hospital in her home country, the Dominican Republic. This experience honed her communication skills and sparked a profound desire to assist those in need. Her inclination for service led her to explore opportunities within the legal field as well.

Celeste’s unwavering commitment to helping people and her passion for service inspired her to seek a position within Corbaci Law. She was drawn to the idea of being part of a team that values empathy and superior service and where she feels she can make a meaningful difference in the lives of clients.

Within the Corbaci Law team, she fulfills a pivotal role as the virtual receptionist, serving as the first point of contact between clients and the rest of the team. Her responsibilities encompass providing invaluable telephone assistance to each client who contacts the firm, as well as scheduling appointments for new clients. Moreover, she acts as a vital liaison between clients and our staff throughout the day.

When not at work, Celeste enjoys taking her children to activities such as gymnastics and swimming classes. She embraces outdoor activities with her husband and children and enjoys exploring through travel. She is enthusiastic about healthy eating and sports and a strong advocate for a wholesome lifestyle.