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Naturalization Attorneys in Woburn, Massachusetts

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), in fiscal year 2019, nearly 834,000 new citizens were naturalized. Deciding to become a citizen of the United States is a very important milestone in the life of an immigrant. If you’re a U.S. resident who wants to apply for citizenship or understand the naturalization process, consulting with a knowledgeable Massachusetts naturalization attorney is crucial for proper guidance.

At Corbaci Law, P.C., we are committed to providing comprehensive legal services in matters of citizenship and naturalization. Our attorneys can help you understand the naturalization process and offer you the knowledgeable guidance and advocacy you need when applying for citizenship. Corbaci Law, P.C. proudly serves individuals and families in Woburn, Massachusetts, as well as Boston, Marlborough, and Framingham.

Want to Become a U.S. Citizen?

Benefits of Becoming a Citizen

Naturalized citizens enjoy nearly all the benefits that natural-born U.S. citizens do, such as:

  • Voting rights

  • Running for elected office

  • Holding a U.S. passport

  • Opening up possibilities for additional family members and children to gain citizenship

  • Obtaining federal benefits

  • Traveling to and from the U.S.

Who Is Eligible?

If you were born in the U.S. or in a U.S. territory, you’re automatically a citizen. Those born outside of the U.S. to one or both parents of U.S. citizenship will also automatically become citizens. Anyone not conforming to these guidelines can apply for citizenship through the process of naturalization.

Though each individual will have a slightly different experience, most applicants must be over the age of 18, have been a lawful U.S. resident for a set number of years (having a “green card”), and have remained in the U.S. for a continuous number of months (meaning you haven’t spent long stretches of time outside the U.S.). Additionally, you will need to show basic proficiency in English, be able to pass a civics and U.S. history test, and pledge allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.

If you’re married to a U.S. citizen, you can apply for naturalization after three years of being married and living permanently in the U.S. Those who are not married to a citizen can generally apply after living in the U.S. legally for five years.

The Naturalization Process

There are a number of steps in the naturalization process that must be completed thoroughly to ensure there are no delays or denials. Enlisting the aid of an experienced immigration attorney can help alleviate the stress of this massive undertaking.

After you’ve determined you’re eligible to become a citizen, you must complete your application either online or by mail. After your application has been received and reviewed, you’ll be invited to attend an interview and take your language and civics tests. After this, you’ll take an oath of allegiance and formally receive citizenship. Unfortunately, this entire process can sometimes take up to two years to complete.

Hearing Request for Denials

If your initial application is denied, you have 30 days to appeal and request a hearing. You can request the hearing yourself, but it’s strongly recommended to have the help of an immigration attorney to ensure your best chances of approval and eliminate the risk of a mistake on your review application. During this process, you’ll receive a hearing date within six months of your appeal where an immigration officer will review your application, look at any new evidence, and re-administer all or a part of your language or civics test. Then, they will make a new decision to either uphold the previous denial or grant citizenship.

Hiring an Immigration Attorney to Help

An attorney can help you streamline the citizenship process and troubleshoot any problems that occur during the application or appeals process. They can also help connect you to valuable resources like English language and citizenship classes to prepare for your exams. Not all individuals will need to hire an attorney, but if you feel your case is especially complicated or if you’ve tried and failed previously when applying, it’s probably in your best interest to have legal counsel on your side.

Naturalization Attorneys in Woburn, Massachusetts

From our office in Woburn, Massachusetts, we help immigrants work through this lengthy yet profoundly important process of naturalization. We’re proud to help all those seeking citizenship living in the Boston, Marlborough, and Framingham areas. Call Corbaci Law, P.C. today to set up an appointment. Let us help you on your journey to citizenship.