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What if I Entered the U.S. Illegally but I Married a Citizen?

Marrying a U.S. citizen as an undocumented immigrant who entered the country illegally has been a common phenomenon in the United States in recent years.

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Important Notice: Office Visits Allowed Only by Appointment

Due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), it is our ethical responsibility to limit in-person appointments until further notice.

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This Senate Bill Would Provide Legal Help to Immigrant Minors Facing Deportation

The most important factor in whether a child facing deportation gets to stay or not, studies have shown, is whether they have an attorney.

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Government Losing its License to Operate Family Detention Center in Pennsylvania

On January 27, 2016, Pennsylvania state officials informed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that it would not renew and would revoke the operating license for the Berks County Residential Facility, the immigration detention center in Leesport, Pennsylvania, which jails mothers and children, often for extended periods of time.

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Federal Grand Jury Indicts Thai National in Alleged Immigration Fraud Scheme

A federal grand jury in Providence, R.I., returned a 26-count indictment on Tuesday charging Nimon Naphaeng, 34, a native and citizen of Thailand, who currently resides in Wakefield, R.I., with allegedly running an immigration fraud scheme which allegedly included the filing of false asylum applications on behalf of individuals who did not request nor authorize the applications.

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